There has been times when we used to make love and pamper each other with utmost care and love. We were always indulged in creating some sensual moments in our daily hectic routine. The excited foreplays, love games and lots more too rememorize. But now we don’t have same excitement  left in our married life as we used to have earlier. That particular instinct is missing, which is indirectly pushing us apart from each other . It has created a rift within our relation. We are continuously working on our relationship. By putting all possible efforts, but all in vain.This Erectile Dysfunction(ED) of spouse is ruining both our lives and breaking my husband from inside out, both physically and psychologically. He is daily losing his self confidence and always look stressed. Then we came to know about the medication Cenforce 150mg. It comes like a boon to our lives at the most crucialtime. Can’t explain in words what all we have gone through.Many thanks to Cenforce 150mg.

sildenafil citrate 200 mg

Getting familiar with Cenforce 150 mg.

Cenforce 150 mg tablet is defined as the most effective remedy to treat Erectile Dysfunction or impotency  in males.Sildenafil citrate is its active pharmaceutical ingredient. It is advised to take one tablet of Cenforce 150mg in a day, prior 30 minute of the act of foreplay. Its absorption enhances in the presence of higher fatty meals.Cenforce 150mg tablets effects last long for up to four hours.

Understand how Cenforce 150 mg treats the Erectile Dysfunction in males?

Sildenafil citrate augment the action of Nitric Oxide, who inhibits the cGMP action of PD-5 (Phosphodiesterase type 5). The PD-5 is present  underneath the blood vessels lining of smooth muscles. These blood vessels supply to Corpus Cavernosum of male reproductive organ. The abundance of cGMP concentration within the smooth muscles results in widening of blood vessels of male genitalia and stimulates its erection.

Know the short-term side effects associated with Cenforce 150 mg tablets?

Sore throat, muscle fatigue , muscle pain, nasal congestion, blurred vision, headache are the common symptoms linked with Cenforce 150 mg tablets.

Precautions associated with Cenforce 150 mg tablets intake.

Patients are need to consult the physician under following circumstances:

  • Individual having sensitivity towards Sildenafil or other excipients must discontinue the use .
  • Patients on therapy of Alpha-blocker and Antihypertensive agentsshould avoid its use.
  • Hypotensive patients should also seek for physician’s advise.
  • When taken along with grape fruit, precipitate sedative effect
  • Must contradict the use of alcohol during the course of therapy.
  • Should avoid focus related task like driving a vehicle or operation on machine.

Know from where to buy Cenforce tablets:

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