You are 20 years old and are in a relationship from past 5 years. Before you met your guy, you were size zero but after a year or two, you gained a lot of body weight. He moved to a different country for pursuing his career. He has seen you in slim shape and do not know that you have become fatty. Your bad habit of eating lots of junk has made you plump. Sudden change in your body mass has now become a question of worry for you. You both talk and video call with each other but still you do not find guts to express about your mass gain of 10 kilos. You think that because of this distance relationship and after seeing you plump, he will find you less attractive and would leave you isolated. You are really tensed about your body mass and want to do something to shed your weight. You want to be back in shape when he will see you. You have tried everything from diet control, physical exercise but these could not help much in excessive weight loss. You need something more to shed your kilos of weight. Your boyfriend has completed his studies and is coming back after many years. First, he is gonna meet you and he is having many plans to take you to different places especially beach. You want to look slim and curvy like you did earlier. One of your friends who is a doctor has suggested you to use Reductil. You are desperate to lose weight so you started taking this medication. With your patience and self-control for junk food, you were able to burn many kilos just within few months. After you saw your weight on a weight machine, you could not believe that it is true. Now days are near and you have shopped bikinis. After he came, you explained your story to him and he laughed for your desperation. Both of you went to the beach and you flaunted your bikini slim body. This was only possible with Reductil.

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Sibutramine is a generic of Reductil that fastens the burning of your calories presents inside the body. It is much useful only when you also have diet control. Sibutramine works by blocking the norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine reuptake at the neuronal synapse. By stopping the reuptake of neurotransmitters, Sibutramine incorporates the satisfaction feeling and reduces your appetite. Sibutril manages the level of chemicals going inside the brain and suppresses hunger and food craving. Dosing steps: For shedding excessive weight, use a single capsule 15 mg of Sibutramine via an oral route once per day with a good quantity of water. The dose of Sibutramine can be taken maximal to 30 mg and must be used only after physician advice. You can consume it with or without meals. Do not consume two doses at once.

Some contraindications and precautions to follow with Meridia or Reductil: Never take Sibutramine when you are having an eating disorder like bulimia and anorexia. Stop consuming Meridia or Reductil if you have an allergic reaction with Sibutramine. Cease its usage in case you are having a heart ailment, liver problem or severe kidney disorder, if you are consuming serotonin reuptake inhibitor or any weight loss medication. Sibutril should not be used in people whose age is 65 years or more. Do not take monoamine oxidase inhibitor within last few 14 days of Sibutramine use. Do not give feed your milk when you are using Sibutramine.

Harmful effects with Sibutramine: Common side effects with Sibutramine are constipation, nausea, sleepiness, nervousness, back pain, increased or decreased appetite, stomach upset, headache, weakness, increased sweating, and vomiting.

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