Is Erection Loss Making You To Avoid Intimacy? Take Suhagra

Concerned about his lack of interest in you or change in his sensual performance?

As a woman……

The loving moments you share with him in your bedroom are the most important to your bond. It also represents his health that you may observe by his change in his manliness and how he is functioning.

A man shows his love through his body moves or his attempts that he give a love-touch to his woman. This touch makes a woman feel that she is the most special woman in his life. A real romantic man never leaves a chance to be cozy with his woman, he makes a number of attempts to kiss her either on her cheeks or on her lips. Lastly, he gives that pleasure that his woman wants at the time intimacy.

Due to these moments she feels connected with his man, and she “feel-good”. If her man fails to satisfy her or avoids intimacy due to sensual disorder then she becomes frustrated. Men mostly avoid to let their woman know about their “erectile trouble”  and this makes her woman more upset.

As a man…..

Erectile dysfunction may be due to any reason, so in spite of hiding it, you may take “Suhagra” for it. Do not avoid her due to your trouble as she is unaware of the real fact of you.

Suhagra becomes the first treatment of erectile trouble. It acts like a “bedroom-ingredient” that doubles the joy of intimacy by providing an unbending erection to the men. Due to this, he gives his best performance that makes his woman feel loved and joyful. Suhagra is the advanced version of generic drug name as “Sildenafil Citrate“.

Sildenafil has an inhibitory action on the  PDE-5 enzyme that stops the degradation occurring in the male penile area. During love arousal, there is a discharge of Nitric oxide that is the main component for making and holding cGMP in male secretive part. Thus the penile muscles get to relax and widen and allow the blood to flow at high speed in the male sensual region.

Suhagra comes in the market in two different strengths of 50 mg and 100mg. If you are starting to take Suhagra first time, then you need to start with Suhagra 50 mg orally with a full glass of water. You need to administer in the body before half an hour of making love. You may further increase the dose 100 mg, but keep in mind daily dose should not exceed more than a single tablet per day as its activity remains in the body for 4 to 5 hours in the body.

The common noxious effects reported by the use of Suhagra include impaired vision, nasal jamming, headaches, photophobia, and indigestion.

Mind the Safety points:

  • Suhagra is restricted in case of taking any type of Nitrate drug otherwise it may result in a severe decline in blood pressure.
  • If you are taking Suhagra then you need to avoid alcohol drinking as it may result in the late working of the medicine.
  • As Suhagra is a mind changing drug so it is advised not to drive after taking this medicine.

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