Just one year ago, Kayla weighed roughly 240 pounds. For Kayla, her weight was always a problem and became particularly difficult when she had her first child at the age of 19. Due to her pregnancy, she always feels bigger than other teenager’s girls do. She hated her body and could not pull off the extra weight, as she was so short. However, feeling unhappy about the way she looked only made Kayla want to eat more.

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Because of her unhappiness, Kayla says she developed bad eating habits. She would eat high fatty food, sweets, and coffee in an excess amount. Her clothes were also becoming tight or she knows she had to change or she might die. Then, Kayla tried Reductil weight loss pills, and drastically cut out all the cookies and fast food she had been eating, along with that, she replaced her five cups of sugary tea for unsweetened green tea. After just one month of this regimen, Kayla dropped nearly 15 pounds. She continues with this treatment for at least one year and finally gets back her lean figure back. Kayla is sticking to her Reductil pills with regular green tea and thanks, each and every pill for her success.

Reductil is high demanded medication pills for weight loss. Reductil consist of Sibutramine as a functional moiety, which comes under the category of medications known as centrally acting serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor.

The working of generic Sibutramine is to regulate the chemicals in the brain that are accountable for tempting cravings for food. Generic Sibutramine may also arouse some receptors on the surface of the nerve cells in the brain that may increase the neurotransmitter levels (serotonin, noradrenaline, and dopamine) in the brain and decrease the appetite. You should follow a low-calorie diet plan along with the dose of Reductil.

The best-prescribed dose of Reductil is 10 mg or 15 mg. You should administer it via the oral route only once in a day at the morning time. You can administer the dose of Reductil before or after the meals. If you want to get the desired results from Reductil, you should have to avoid the intake of heavy fat containing products. You will see the results of this medication within 4 weeks. If you are incompetent of feeling any type of alteration in your weight, you should discuss with the physician.

You may bear some side effect after taking the dose of Reductil or generic Sibutramine like as agitation, hallucinations, fever, tremor, dry mouth, upset stomach, irregular heartbeats, trouble breathing and stuffy or a runny nose.

Do not take Reductil if you are sensitive to Sibutramine or you can ask for another alternative from the doctor. Cut down the consumption of alcohol beverages, junk food, pizza, burger, and chocolates while taking Reductil. Do not drive or perform any alertness needed work while consuming Reductil as this drug has the possessions of drowsiness and dizziness.

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