Lyrica Helps To Break The Nerve Agony Due To Nerve Damage

In today’s fast-paced living almost every second person is suffering from one or another medical condition and the most common that people are facing is diabetes because of the lack of healthy and hygienic lifestyle regime. Diabetes is one such condition in which the sugar level of person disturbs and affects various body parts consequently.

Nerve pain because of nerve damage is one such outcome of diabetes in which nerve is damaged causing different symptoms that may sometimes lead to even severe consequences. Therefore, not only to manage sugar level, but to prevent and treat the symptoms of nerve damage you should focus on your diabetes else, the sense of numbness, tingling, pricking, or loss of reflexes may severe leading to chronic disorders. Hence, nerve pain because of damage to nerves that are the chemical messengers of our body should not be taken carelessly and start the therapy of Lyrica, which helps to manage the transmission of pain signals.

What is Lyrica? Why is it prescribed?
Lyrica is an orally administered preparation that is efficiently used in the treatment of nerve pain or neuropathy caused due to nerve damage. Lyrica is a well-known brand made for generic Pregabalin , which is an anticonvulsant moiety for treating nerve pain besides convulsions.

Lyrica (Pregabalin) is one of the most prescribed formulations that help to decline the number of pain signals traveling to the brain from the site of pain due to nerve damage. Neuropathy conditions in hands, arms, legs, fingers, feet, or toes in case of diabetes and if you have had shingles, are treated using Lyrica. In addition, Lyrica is effective to treat the condition of fibromyalgia leading to muscle stiffness, tenderness, pain, or difficulty falling sleep. Neuropathy due to spinal cord injury is also treated effectively by using Lyrica.

What is the dosing schedule of Lyrica?
Lyrica encompassing Pregabalin is accessible in the form of capsules with 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, and 300mg strengths. Lyrica is consumed with oral route using water and irrespective of the food. The general dosing schedule of Lyrica involves-

  • Oral ingestion of 50mg dose for three times daily to treat diabetic neuropathy. The dose can be increased to 300mg but only if required and after the interval of one week.
  • The dosing regimen to treat neuropathy due to spinal cord injury is 150 to 600mg given with an initial lowest dose of 75mg for twice per day.
  • The condition of Neuropathy due to shingles involves dosing regimen of 75-150mg for twice per day or 50-100mg for thrice per day.

What can be the observed side effects of Lyrica?
Dry mouth, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, constipation, back pain, change in weight, bloating, increased appetite, headache, or vomiting are some observed side effects while relying on Lyrica treatment.

Therefore, patients taking Lyrica are suggested to consider the following safety precautions-

  • Avoid alcohol consumption while using Lyrica as this can aggravate the side effects.
  • It is unsafe to take Lyrica during lactation, in pregnancy, in case of geriatric individuals and in children.
  • You should not take Lyrica if you found allergic reactions to any constituent of this medicine.
  • Your condition may worsen if you take Lyrica during liver, kidney, heart, drug abuse, suicidal thought history, or in a bleeding
  • It is advised to stay away from the activities that demand alertness such as driving or operating any machinery.

Thus, make your body win over the neuropathy condition. Buy Lyrica online, at discounted rates, from our drug portal with fast and safe delivery at your doorsteps.

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