Lyrica Is An Outstanding Medication For The Nerve Pain

Our body nervous system is concerned in everything our body do, from amendable our breathing to controlling our muscles and sensing warmth and cold. Three types of nerve are there in our body known as

  • Autonomic nerve (Control heart rate, blood pressure, and digestion)
  • Motor nerve (Control body movement)
  • Sensory nerve (Control pain sensation)

As nerves are essential to perform our daily activity what we do. Any injury or damage to the nerve can cause to severe pain and hamper our daily life. Nerve damage symptoms depend upon the location and type of nerve gets damaged. Nerve pain can be an indication of many different conditions, counting cancer, HIV, diabetes, and shingles. For some, nerve pain is annoying; for others, nerve pain is overwhelming and life changing. You may feel burning sensation, pinpricks or sudden shock of electricity. With time, nerve pain let you down and you become incapable to move or to do your daily activity. So if you are facing the trouble with nerve pain as of any condition, then treat it on time with medication known as Generic Lyrica tablets.

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Lyrica the brand product of prescription drug Pregabalin is an outstanding medication for the management of nerve pain. Lyrica is an analog of GABA and trims down the communication of pain to the CNS from damage nerves. Lyrica hampers the calcium entry into nerve endings that have a pain-relieving result by protected the pain transmission.

Lyrica oral medication is available in the dose strength of 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, and 300mg. the dose of 300mg per day is the usual dose that is given in the three-divided dose to treat nerve pain. The maximum dose of 450-600mg is suggested to supervise neuropathic pain, seizures, and fibromyalgia depending on the patient’s conditions. However, the drug may exert some side effects but it may fade away if safety measures like inhibition of alcohol should be taken. The pregnant or breastfeeding mother should have to avoid the intake of Lyrica.


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