Case study of a 26-year-old lady with infertility problem

In October 2005, an infertility patient came to my clinic and she was very keen to get pregnant. She and her husband had been trying to conceive for about a year, but they did not get any results. She was facing irregular ovulation cycles. Before prescribing medication, she was counseled by me. She was made to have basal body temperature charting and adjunctive use of LH ovulation kit. They both were told by me to have focused sexual engagement for five days before and three days after an ovulation. After unsuccessful attempts for pregnancy, she was completely shattered. She started to think that now she could not become a mother. Later after studying her ultrasound reports and reason behind her infertility, it was known that due to irregularities in ovulation cycle days; she was unable to find out the exact ovulation timing. Sometimes ovulation happened to her after two months. Now it was time for her counseling, she was been morally supported by me. It was a huge relief to her when she was been told that this is not the end and her pregnancy can be possible with Pregnyl. She was suggested Pregnyl injection. With Pregnyl, her cycles got regular and now every month she had ovulation on exact dates.

pregnyl injection 

Clinical outcome

She became subsequently pregnant very quickly within a month. She attended her first obstetrics appointment in March 2006. She delivered 8lb 7oz viable baby boy at 36 and a half weeks by vaginal delivery.


It was concluded that Pregnyl was proved to be worth medication for coming through the pain of infertility and with this, she was able to conceive. Not only she, many women having infertility issue have got pregnant with Pregnyl.

Check out below for detailed information regarding the drug Pregnyl

HCG Pregnyl is a form of injection that maintains the development of an egg inside the ovary. It stimulates the discharge of an egg through the ovary. It is taken in ladies who are affected by irregular ovulation process or no ovulation at all. Pregnyl conjointly also helps men to raise their sperm cell count that is needed for fertilization. Pregnyl is used in young boys in whom their male reproductive gland has not come down within the pocket.

The adult dose for regulating ovulation process cycle is 5000 to 10000 units via intramuscularly someday following last day of menotropins. The gonadotropin Pregnyl dose for stopping impotency issue in males is 500 to a 1000 units via intramuscularly, three times per week for three weeks and follow with same dose for two occasions per week for 3 weeks or use 4000 units via intramuscularly three times per week for up to six to nine months and keep following it by 2000 units thrice per week for extra three months.

Pregnyl 5000iu

Never use gonadotropin Pregnyl if you are allergic to the current medication. Never use if you have early puberty or hormone-related cancer. Report your doctor if you have any underlying medical condition like a thyroid disorder, epilepsy, cyst, migraines, and asthma. Only self-inject once you understand the precise procedure. Consult your doctor before injecting in breastfeeding ladies.

Some sick effects with gonadotropin Pregnyl like breast tenderness, weight gain, restlessness, pain, depression, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, swelling, or irritation at injection website.

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