Are you going through infertility issues? Looking for motivation! Then for sure, my story would help you out.

I met my would-be husband first time during my academic lasts days. We have been together ever since.  We met young and we both had dreams so we were never really in a rush to reach any of the usual milestones.  We linger 2 years before marriage and another 1-year after marriage, we trying to envision a baby and started our family. We even chose out boy and girl names years before we even thought about TTC.

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We chucked the contraceptives and officially started trying to have a baby. We made a proclamation to our families that we are trying to conceive, most probably we will conceive this year. However, after trying six months, we did not get success, and then we look forward to the doctor. After testing, we came to know that my husband is going through low sperm counts i.e. infertility issues. My husband undergoes various different testing, and after all tests; the doctor put my husband on treatment with one of infertility cycle treatment with HCG Pregnyl injection. My husband undergoes three cycles of Pregnyl and after that again doctor execute some tests to check the progress of treatment. The treatment works marvelously, and now he having a normal sperm count. After that, we again started TTC and this time we get success. Now we both have blessed with a cute little baby boy.

PREGNYL injection is the best extraordinary medication for those who are tormented infertility, no matter either man or women; it performs well in both cases. Consequently, if you are going through infertility, then you can also use Pregnyl injection.

It encloses of HCG as a main working element, which naturally discharges during early pregnancy from the women placenta. Therefore, in women, Pregnyl (HCG) is liable to full-grown and release eggs from ovaries, thus troubling or we can say stimulating the ovulation process so that eggs can be discharged for the fertilization. In men, the principle Pregnyl is in the enlarged production of sperm and enhancing the numbers of it. In addition, HCG is beneficial in treating the condition of undescended testicles in young boys.

Pregnyl encloses HCG hormone is marketed as injection formulation that is injected to the patients as within the muscle (intramuscular) or into the skin (subcutaneous). Dosage strengths of Pregnyl are available within 5000, and 10,000 IU.

Young boys strength for Prepubertal Cryptorchidism is Pregnyl 5000 IU every alternate day for four injections. For treating hypogonadotropic hypogonadism in adult males for enhancing sperm count, the advice dose is 500 to 1000 IU for thrice weekly for 3 weeks, after that the same dose is given as two times weekly for 3weeks. Women are healed with 5000 to 10,000 IU 1 day subsequent to menotropins dose.

HCG use may cause hyperstimulation of ovaries in females that produce in the risk of multiple pregnancies, so women using Pregnyl should take care of that. Persons with hypersensitivity reactions to any component of Pregnyl should pass up the intake of this medication. If the symptoms of precocious puberty have been noticed in young boys, who are cured with HCG, then the therapy should be reserved.

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