Do you feel jealous when you see pregnant women? Do you feel annoyed by yourself? Do out of anger you have a quarrelsome fight with your spouse?

Do mentally sick thoughts take a tied in your mind and the devil inside you want to push pregnant women in order to make her fall or give her an injury?

Do after returning to home you cry in your washroom whilst keeping your tap on? Do you have a rush of doubts in your mind that your spouse is dating someone else just because you are infertile?

Do you feel that your kith and kin feel pity for you because you can’t reproduce? Do you feel that with every passing day you are losing your hope to be a mother?

Do you feel tired of checking your pee after TTC (trying to conceive) with no positive sign of pregnancy or conception? Do your negative pregnancy kit results allege you with panic thoughts of committing suicide?

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Do you have ever tried HCG Pregnyl injection medication for attaining new life in your womb? Not yet? Then, this is that loophole which can mend the bridge of your thoughts and emotions to have a new life inside you. Pregnyl is a top sold medication tried by women of every region and religion present all over the world. The medication has maintained its legacy from years by blessing women with a new life in her womb.

Pregnyl is available in the form of parenteral means an injection that you can give either IM or Sc. The active constituent of the brand is HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a polypeptidic hormone. The hormone plays an imperative role in the cure of infertility issues both men and women. It not only accelerates the production of eggs and their release from the ovaries but enhances the surge of LH, Luteinizing, and Progesterone Hormone the basic needs to carry a pregnancy. In men, medication improves the count of sperms in the semen by boosting the testosterone concentration. HCG improves the health of pituitary gland that later assists the testicles of the young boys to drop into scrotum normally; thus cures condition known as Cryptorchidism.

Pregnyl is a sterile lyophilized powder which when mixed with bacteriostatic water and then administered to the patient via IM or Sc to manage the issues of infertility. Administer 10,000 IU at the mid of the cycle for treating the case of Anovulatory infertility or lack of ovulation in women. This is the preferred dose after the employ of menotropins. Administer HCG 2000 IU twice a week for managing the condition of Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism in men.  The dose of HCG 1000 IU can be administered every alternate day for suggested weeks according to patient’s condition to treat Cryptorchidism condition in young children.

Patient on Pregnyl therapy can experience some ill effects that include drowsiness, slightly depression in mood, restlessness, agitation, constipation, nausea, pain, swelling at the site of injection, mild to a moderate headache, serious weight gain.

Patient on Pregnyl therapy should keep some precautionary measures in their mind like not to give this to pregnant and nursing mothers. It will be valiant good if you can undergo a medical examination for the detection of any hypersensitivity with it. Multiple pregnancies are also a side effect of this medicine.

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